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Business owners take a stand against panhandling | News

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Business owners take a stand against panhandling

Businesses are starting to rise up against panhandlers in Spokane. One salon along Freya is taking a stand, and it appears to be working.

At the Hair of Coarse Salon on 4th and Freya, customers expect the best. So when they started complaining about being asked for money in the parking lot, owner Amy Peterson chose to fly her own sign.

"Ever since they started pushing them downtown, it seemed like a lot of them were popping up."

Peterson's sign reads: Panhandlers make about $400 a day. Support your local business instead, emphasis on honest and hardworking." She says it's working.

"They'll walk off when they see it out there. They won't bother," she said.

But questions are being raised about the accuracy of the sign. The panhandlers we spoke to say they're lucky to reach even a fraction of that.

"We go all day," panhandler Doug McDougall said. "A bad day, usually $12, a good day anywhere between $25 and $30."

But whatever the wage, Paterson says she's determined to stand her ground and keep her sign staked.

"I just want my corner clear," she said. "I want to feel safe."


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