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City officials still reviewing traffic calming project applications | News

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City officials still reviewing traffic calming project applications
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With the upcoming use of "photo red" revenue to fund traffic calming projects, some South Hill neighbors are concerned a crosswalk will not be included in the current construction along 29th Avenue at Manito Blvd. Since the strip of road is currently under construction, two neighborhoods, Manito/Cannon Hill and Comstock, hoped a crosswalk could also be included in the project. 

The proposed crosswalk was already part of this year’s applications sent to the city by the two neighborhoods as a traffic calming project. Heather Trautman with code enforcement says they’re still in the process of reviewing 74 total projects.

“Coincidentally there is a road improvement on 29th through a separate funding process,” Trautman explained. “The city can look and see if it can tie into an existing construction project.”

The application sent to the city by the two neighborhoods says the street is heavily used by pedestrians and connects neighbors with schools, shopping and parks. The solution would involve striping a crosswalk with a raised design. In the scheme of projects, it’s considered a high priority by the city for an arterial project.

City officials hope to have this round of traffic calming projects selected by September 1, but construction on that section of 29th Avenue should be wrapped up by the end of August. Construction crews will begin on the next strip of roadway from Bernard to High Drive shortly after for an October completion date. Construction includes street rehaibilitation, bike lane restriping and the repairing of some sidewalks. 

Here’s the full list of traffic calming projects the city is currently assessing:

Modified Copy of 2012 Neighborhood Arterial Traffic Managment Project Spreadsheet7_25

News, Transportation

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