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Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for defending themselves with gun | News

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Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for defending themselves with gun

Two Gonzaga University students could be facing suspension or even expulsion for violating the university's weapons policy after they protected themselves with their guns from a six-time convicted felon.

The incident happened at an apartment located at 207 E. Sinto Ave. near the Gonzaga University campus. Two weeks ago a stranger walked up to apartment #5, knocked on the door and proceeded to ask one of the tenants, Erik Fagan, for $15.

"I was like, 'I'll give you a can a food, a blanket, don't feel comfortable giving money,' I don't know who you are," said Fagan.

A Gonzaga senior, Fagan didn't know the man at the door was John Taylor, a six-time convicted felon who told Fagan he had recently gotten out of jail.

"My gut instinct was telling me that I wasn't going to be able to get that door closed before he came through," Fagan said.

Fagan's roommate, Daniel McIntosh, was upstairs at the time.

"He starts coming more in the doorway and I yell for my roommate Dan, at which point Dan comes down the stairs and around the corner," said Fagan.

Fagan's roommate, Daniel McIntosh, was upstairs at the time. McIntosh responded to Fagan's yelling, bringing a pistol with him.

"So I drew on Mr. Taylor and immediately Mr. Taylor turned and fled," McIntosh said.

The problem is the apartments are owned by Gonzaga University, so both police and campus security responded to the incident. Police caught Taylor. Fagan and McIntosh the incident was over, but at 2 a.m. campus security returned and confiscated a pistol and shotgun from the apartment.

"Our security officers have the right to enter any GU facilities under any circumstances," Gonzaga Executive Vice President Earl Martin said.

Fagan and McIntosh now face sanctions which could include suspension or even expulsion for a rule they say they weren't aware of and ultimately violated defending themselves.

"Even given the finding of today I would not change any of my actions of that night. I stand by any actions I took," said McIntosh.

Gonzaga administration officials couldn't talk about specific of the case or possible rulings, but Martin said student safety is a priority.

"Well we encourage all of our students to keep their doors locked and know who's at their door when they open that door," he said. "But we do not allow and are not going to allow weapons in our facilities."

McIntosh and Fagan will try to get their guns back while waiting for a ruling from a disciplinary board. When disciplinary action is handed down the two seniors will be able to make an appeal.


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