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Manito/Cannon Recap: Neighbors Discuss Block Watch | Crime

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Manito/Cannon Recap: Neighbors Discuss Block Watch
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Manito/Cannon Recap: Neighbors Discuss Block Watch

We’re flipping through our notepad from Tuesday night to unload all our notes from Manito/Cannon’s neighborhood and block watch meeting. It was their monthly gathering as usual, but it was shortened to get right to business with forming block captains to help keep residents safe.

As usual, neighborhood resource officer Tim Ottmar was present to keep neighbors up to date with the local happenings. He referred to Crime Analysis before he arrived to get the latest stats.

There have been no reported residential burglaries in the past week. There were two theft calls and seven reports of vehicle prowlings.

The latest trend in vehicle prowlings that Officer Ottmar has picked up on, thieves are targeting those removable GPS with suction cups. That’s not the only targeted item. There’s the usual suspects of laptops and purses.

Rule of thumb, don’t leave valuables in plain sight in your car.

Still Searching For Owner of Gold Rings

Ottmar is also still trying to find the owner of those gold rings recovered recently on the upper South Hill around the Palouse Highway and Freya. Cop Shop volunteers believe they are class rings from schools located on the eastern part of the United States.

Be a Good Neighbor

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you see your neighbor’s garage door open and no sign of the homeowner, maybe close it for them? Or call them up? People forget to close their garage doors sometimes. Save them the horrible experience of a theft.

Switching into first-person mode, I’ve even forgotten to close my garage door. Thankfully nothing terrible happened as a result.

Vandalism at The Scoop

We don’t know the exact date this happened, but the owner of The Scoop says somebody recently tore down their hanging lights above their summer seating and smashed a couple. Other than that, it’s been quiet in the Manito/Cannon neighborhood.

Block Watch Details

The neighborhood is in the process of planning a Block Watch group with captains located on each block. So far they've identified 88/132 blocks with block captains. For more information about joining the block watch, email the council at manito.cannonhill@yahoo.com.

Manito/Cannon Neighborhood Council meetings at 7 p.m. the 4th Tuesday of every month at Wilson Elementary, located at 25th & Lincoln. Next meeting: May 22nd.

Crime, News

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