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Feeding 5000 one crayon at a time
Feeding 5000 one crayon at a time

Two Spokane families are on a mission to provide meals for 5000 homeless, and they plan on doing it one crayon at a time.


The idea behind Colors of Hope is simple, take old, broken crayons and melt them down to make new, even better ones. Maliaka Hefling and her family of seven came up with idea after reading an article about a similar project in her son's children's magazine.


The Heflings, along with another family, are already busy collecting old crayons. 100 percent of the proceeds from selling the new crayons will go directly to the Union Gospel Mission. The family toured the charity in February and were amazed at all the services they provided to area homeless.


“You can't help but want to be involved,” Maliaka says, and with Colors of Hope the whole family is lending a hand. Maliaka says that the children of both families have been a key part of getting the project going. The kids picked the name and are helping make the new crayons. The children of the second family have gone to their school's student council and are busy planning a school wide crayon collection.


The kids also came up with the number 5000. Their inspiration came from the Bible story where Jesus feeds 5000 with only fives loaves of bread and two fish. Having the children be a part of the project is important to the Heflings, Maliaka says she wants her kids to know that no matter how young they are they have the ability to give hope and help to others.


Collection buckets for old crayons are currently located at the UGM office as well as the UGM thrift stores on Boone and Sprague. On the northside of Spokane crayons be donated at Others Mothers. The Heflings are planning on having more drop off locations and are in the process of talking with other local businesses.


Maliaka says there won't be a set price for the new crayons, but rather a suggested donation. The Heflings want every one to be able to contribute, no matter how much or how little they may be able to give.


“The need is great every day,” Maliaka says, “it's about bringing hope to the homeless.”


If you want to purchase newly recycled crayons contact Colors of Hope by email at colorsofhopespokane@gmail.com or you can visit their Facebook page.


For more information on the Union Gospel Mission go to www.ugmspokane.org


Crayon donation locations:


Union Gospel Mission Thrift

Downtown- 301 W. Boone

Spokane Valley- 11921 E. Sprague


Other Mothers

North Spokane- 10208 N. Division


South Hill - East Spokane Deals

South Hill - East Spokane Businesses