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State announces potential pot store locations in Spokane area

State announces potential pot store locations in Spokane area

After months of waiting, we can finally see where the 18 marijuana retail stores could be located in Spokane County, though some research on the locations reveal some of them will never open.

The state is allowing eight stores in Spokane, three in Spokane Valley and seven more in other parts of Spokane County. Some of the locations that were approved are fake and yet people are still trying to get around the law.

One of the locations is at the intersection of Division and Mission. It's not known who the applicant is but it doesn't matter. The property manager said he won't allow a pot retail store in his building.

Another location is at 3422 North Division, which is also the location for Rosa's Pizza. No, Rosa's Pizza is not going anywhere, and no they aren't adding anything to the menu, either.

The liquor control board said applicants have to have a set location at this point in the process and those who don't will lose their opportunity.

Sam Calvert is planning to open Green Star Cannabis at 1403 N. Division which, coincidentally, is located right next to Pizza Pipeline.

Green Star Cannabis to continue retail marijuana application process

Green Star Cannabis to continue retail marijuana application process

Another Spokane business owner has announced they were selected to continue with the retail marijuana application process in the City of Spokane.

Of the eight spots available, Sam Calvert of Green Star Cannabis announced the company was given the seventh spot.

"I've been an entrepreneur my entire life, from Kool-Aid stands, to paper routes, to my last successful real estate venture, nothing has compared to the to-date work and the continued efforts required in this emerging recreational marijuana market," said Calvert.

Calvert is also a member of the Spokane City's Marijuana Policy Sub-committee, a group that meets once a month to discuss the best practices to ensure compliance with Initiative 502.

Spokane man may open first pot store in Washington

Spokane man may open first pot store in Washington

A recent e-mail lit up Scott O'Neil's eyes more than any of his future product could.

"I was just extremely happy, it's one of those things that I've been dreading or worrying about for the last couple months," O'Neil said.

O'Neil is the owner of the medical marijuana dispensary, Kouchlock Productions. That e-mail was from the Washington Liquor Control Board, confirming he was the 8th person in line to receive a retail marijuana license in Spokane. The city will only allow eight recreational pot shops.

"It was nice to get that weight off your shoulders," he said.

Now, O'Neil and others who received similar e-mails have some legal hoops to jump through. He will have to pass a background check, financial investigation, and show the board all of his business plans. O'Neil will also transition his medical dispensary into a recreational store at the same location.

"You can't have any products on site for when they do their walk-throughs," O'Neil said.

O'Neil is also a longtime friend of the state's first licensed pot grower Sean Green.

Do you need a Lyft?

Do you need a Lyft?

A new kind of taxi, the ride-sharing company "Lyft", is making it's way across the country and has made a stop in Spokane.

Lyft has brought controversy from other taxi companies and cities as well. It's banned, for example, in Los Angeles.

If you need a lift from the Y to downtown Spokane, one of the drivers nearby will pick you up and take you there for a suggested donation, but local taxi companies are calling it illegal.

It goes against everything you've been taught, getting into cars with strangers, but hop into Shannon Meyers' car and you'll quickly become her friend.

"We need to have a first bump to get things going," she laughed.

Meyers is one of the first drivers for Lyft in Spokane. Their app to connects drivers with people who need a ride. All Lyft drivers, have a pink mustache on their grill.

"After they see you, they wave at you, they're pointing and giving you the thumbs up, it's been really fun wearing the mustache," Meyers said.

Each ride has a suggested donation, instead of a fare meter, and taxi drivers with meters are skeptical of the company.

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime, the little fruit that causes some to pucker, is causing that same reaction when consumers look at the price lately.

"The price of limes has been crazy," Casa De Oro owner Enrique Torres said.

Torres owns Casa De Oro in North Spokane. He said he's squeezing out hundreds of dollars each week on limes to keep the restaurant running.

"You can't go to a Mexican restaurant and order a margarita or beer without the lime," he said.

Torres just put in a $150 order Tuesday for a case of 140 limes.

"Like four months ago they were $20 a case," Torres said.

It's going to be an expensive week for the restaurant, with their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration coming up on Saturday. Torres said they'll need up to six cases of limes for Cinco de Mayo alone.

"It's going to be $700 for the limes," he said.

At grocery stores, customers are seeing the same thing. Limes that usually only cost a couple dimes are now pushing a dollar. Some stores haven't even had them because of the shortage.

'Sharknado' producers bring zombie apocalypse to Spokane

'Sharknado' producers bring zombie apocalypse to Spokane

They're coming to get you, Spokane. Local production company North by Northwest is helping to bring the zombie apocalypse to the Inland Northwest later this year.

This fall, the SyFy Channel will premiere "Z Nation," a new, 13-episode series that will be filmed on-location in Spokane.

The Asylum, which produced "Sharknado", and Go 2 Digital Media are producing the series, which is being helmed by Karl Shaerfer, who was the co-executive producer for the SyFy TV series "Eureka."

Filming in Spokane will mean local talent will be needed to help flesh out the apocalypse, so 1,200 extras and 200 actors will be hired in the coming month. Rich Cowan, with North by Northwest, said this production could make a large financial impact in Spokane.

"Doing a series you have many, many months of work for the crew and then you have a second year and then a third year and then on. So it's a game-changer for production here. Sustainable jobs here in Spokane," he said.

Greater Spokane Incorporated hires new leader

Greater Spokane Incorporated hires new leader

News release from Greater Spokane Incorporated:

The Board of Trustees of Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) has appointed Steve Stevens as the organization's new President and CEO. Stevens will officially begin July 1.