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How Colorado residents are coping with legal weed

How Colorado residents are coping with legal weed

From marijuana retail outlets to the Denver Police Department to businesses that are shifting their strategies to take advantage of pot tourism, Colorado's laws on recreational marijuana show what could happen in Washington later this year. But what do Colorado residents think of recreational marijuana?

We took to the streets to find out what people in Colorado are seeing in this land of legal weed, which is the fastest selling product since Denver Broncos gear.

But as look around not everyone is stoned and the air isn't filled with puffs of intoxicating smoke.

"I'd say before our neighbors would smoke sometimes in the yard and that's about the same," Erin Jaramillo said.

To get a better view of what these people say our lives might look like, there's no place in Denver to get a pulse of their concerns than to stop by the appropriately named Washington Park.

"A big change from before and then the medical marijuana so I have to say that was a difference," Jaramillo said.

UGM job fair helps give people a second chance

UGM job fair helps give people a second chance

We all make mistakes in life, and it doesn't take too many before things spiral out of control. Getting your life back on track is a much larger task, but there a number of people who attended a job fair Friday at the Union Gospel Mission who are working to do that.

The Union Gospel Mission is home to a lot of folks who are down on their luck, but everyone there is much better off than the day they walked through the door. They accepted help and wanted something more for themselves, and Friday there was there are second chances are something the Spokane business community believes in.

"Everybody has an opportunity, a fresh start, it's fantastic and a positive attitude is probably the biggest part," Chuck Triggs of Longhorn BBQ said.

Triggs knows what kind of employees he can find at the job fair. Eager ones.

"Over the years, Longhorn has hired people who are handicapped, people who have had some concerns in the past and I would say we are one of the best as far as working with people and making sure that they have an opportunity to enjoy the community and become a great employee," he said.

Colorado marijuana stores experience sky high sales

Colorado marijuana stores experience sky high sales

Recreational Marijuana shops are up and running in Colorado. During the first day of sales on Jan. 1, lines wrapped around the corners of stores. Sales have since slowed down, but people who chose to get into the pot business are calling it the best decision of their lives.

Linda Andrews is the owner of Lodo Wellness Center in Downtown Denver. She split her medical pot business into a half recreational, half medical retailer.

"On the first day we did what we usually do in a month for medical," Andrews said.

Many strains of weed are available at Lodo Wellness Center, from Sour Diesel to Durban Poison. The store will often run out of the popular edible products like cookies, brownies, and drinks.

"It's the first time I've been able to impulsively purchase marijuana," Jesse, a customer at the store, said.

The 36 percent tax in Denver keeps some potential clientele away.

"If you want to get rid of a black market, you can't overtax the product, and I think that's what they're doing," Kyle O'Malley, a marijuana user, said.

Though, O'Malley does think that there is peace of mind in buying from a store.

URM cyber attack investigation coming to a close

URM cyber attack investigation coming to a close

URM Stores' investigation of a criminal cyber attack is coming to a close.

The company says they now know which stores were affected by the attack and the incident was limited to credit and debit card transactions made in those stores made between September 1, 2013 - November 24, 2013.

A list of the affected stores can be found at www.urmstores.com under the "Credit/Debit Card Announcements" link.

"We are incredibly grateful to our customers for their patience and understanding through this difficult experience. We are humbled by their support and continue to extend our sincere apologies for any frustration and inconvenience," said URM CEO Ray Sprinkle.

If you see a fraudulent charge on your card, URM asks that you contact the issuing bank.

Cinnagrams send Valentine love to Meals on Wheels

Cinnagrams send Valentine love to Meals on Wheels

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Consider ordering a Cinn-A-Gram to not only surprise your loved one with delightful morning treat, but to help out senior citizens through Meals On Wheels.

Each Cinn-A-Gram includes:

Community leaders working to roll out retail marijuana stores

Community leaders working to roll out retail marijuana stores

Marijuana sales are on their way to Spokane but before the first pot store opens, a group of community leaders is working to help roll them out.

Basically they want to help these new businesses grow while taking those with anti-legal weed opinions into consideration. They say marijuana is here to stay so let's start dealing with it now.

A room full of community members meeting first thing on Monday morning may not be your idea of a marijuana-focused crowd, but this one is.

"We need to embrace this. This is here. This is the reality," Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan said.

Spokane's first marijuana policy subcommittee met Monday and included everyone from members of the city council to county commissioners, the health district and medical marijuana dispensary owners.

"And try and come up with best practices as we enter into a new policy arena that is unlike any other in the world," Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder said.

Quirky museum goes up for auction

Quirky museum goes up for auction

It's the end of the line for Carr's "One of a kind in the world" Museum, one of Spokane's more quirky attractions that you may have never heard of.

The museum closed its doors after owner Marvin Carr passed away last year and, this weekend, all of the unique treasures from his museum are being auctioned off.

This Saturday is your chance to get your hands on some truly unique items like an alligator-sized warship or an actual alligator. Just about anything you can imagine -- and a few things you likely can't -- will be put on the auction block.

"Everything had a story and for Marvin that was part of the museum and just be able to tell that story and get that across to people how important some of these items were," Carr's close friend Jeff Owens said.

"Wonderful man, huge heart, and we hated to see him go. He was wonderful," Owens said in describing Carr.

Owens is an auctioneer and, naturally, the best person to find new homes for all of Marvin's worldly possessions, including a Tanzanian sculpture made from one solid piece of ebony.