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Big Band Plays Big Benefit For Lewis & Clark | Arts & Culture

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Big Band Plays Big Benefit For Lewis & Clark
Big Band Plays Big Benefit For Lewis & Clark

There's a good chance you've never heard of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, but it's likely that with 286 hit songs you've heard the big band's music. Tomorrow night, the Lewis & Clark High School Music Department is hosting the band for a benefit show at the Bing Crosby Theater.


Tommy Dorsey started his big band in the 1930s and recorded songs with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Glen Miller played with the orchestra prior to becoming a famous bandleader himself. Dorsey died in 1956, but the band has continued making music ever since keeping the Tommy Dorsey name. For over 30 years the band was lead by Buddy Morrow, a famed trombone player, currently the band is under the direction of Terry Myers.


The orchestra is currently on tour and after a few phone calls the Lewis & Clark Instrumental Music Parent's Association was able to arrange for them to play the benefit show. Margaret Warren has been spearheading to planning for the show and says they hope to raise between $11,000 and $15,000 for the music program. Currently the music department operates 10 ensembles on a budget of $6,800 a year. That breaks down to be about $32 a student.


“Its incredible that we've been able to do this,” says Warren. It typically costs $10,000 to book the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, but LC is managing it for under $5,000. Warren says that the Bing Crosby Theater, Panda Express and the Ruby Hotel have been a great support. Panda Express is donating the big band's meal, while the Ruby gave Warren a discount on the hotel rooms. The Bing has been great help setting things up the band to play.


Not only did the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra agree to play a benefit show, but they are also giving a clinic for the Jazz I students on Tuesday afternoon. LC Band Director, Daniel Nord, says the students are excited to show off the work they've done on Radiohead's “Bodysnatchers”. Nord says that while only Jazz I will be playing music during the clinic, the entire school district is invited to attend and ask questions.


Tickets for the show start at just $10.00 with the most expensive tickets topping out at $35.00. Warren says that prices were kept low intentionally. She wants the entire community to be able to attend, and praises the Spokane community for always being willing to step up and support those around them.


“That's one of the things I've always admired and liked about living here in Spokane,” Warren says.


In addition to a range of affordable ticket prices, students who volunteer at the concert ushering and taking tickets will attend for free. The Jazz I band from LC will is opening the show as well. Warren is excited for the students to see music at a professional level beyond the high school band room.


The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra will perform at the Bing Crosby Theater Tuesday, April 9th, at 7:30 p.m.

For tickets call TicketsWest at 800-325-7328 or visit ticketswest.rdln.com

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