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Suspicious fire damages building, cars at Spokane used auto dealership

Fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that started early Wednesday morning at A and M Auto near the intersection of Sprague and Smith in east Spokane.

Four cars, two motorcycles, and a small building were damaged at the used car lot. Investigators say they heard reports of criminal activity at the car lot, including the possibility someone threw a Molotov cocktail into the lot.

Neighbor Glenda Davis, who lives near the car lot, was woken up by firefighters fighting the fire early Wednesday morning.

?They said 'Don't you know the place is on fire,'" she said.

Davis and other witnesses weren't surprised that this happened and added it wasn't an accident.

?Not a doubt in my mind because there was some Molotov cocktails thrown like four nights ago and we got those out immediately, so but this time they did a good job," she said.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer says those reports are being taken seriously; investigators are also following up on a claim that the owner of this business was stabbed recently because of a bad business deal.

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Leave the firewood at home to keep forests safe

Leave the firewood at home to keep forests safe

The Idaho Department of Lands is reminding outdoor enthusiasts who are planning to camp this Labor Day weekend to leave the firewood at home!

As millions of Americans head into the wilderness for a weekend of fun, many bring their own firewood, not realizing that they put the nation's forests at risk by potentially spreading tree-killing pests. While most of these pests can't travel far on their own, many can hitchhike undetected on firewood, later emerging and starting infestations in new locations hundreds of miles away.

The Don't Move Firewood campaign began in 2007 as a response to the rapid spread of the emerald ash borer, an Asian beetle brought to the US in pre-packaged wood and responsible for killing 100 million ash trees since the early 1990's.

More than 450 other non-native forest insects and diseases are also established in the United States, many spread the same way.

Wienermobile returns to Spokane

Wienermobile returns to Spokane

The Wienermobile is in town! Oscar Mayer's iconic 27-foot long hot dog on wheels has made its way back to Spokane.

A lot has changed with the Wienermobile since it's inception in the 1930's. Back in those days there was just one of them; today there are six touring the country all year round.

"It's a great first year job out of college," Breanna Robinson said.

"Everyone loves when we pull up to an event with this icon, you know, everyone asks for the whistle, so it is just a great experience," she said. "I love going to fun events and meeting new people."

New people like Judy and Bill Heaton for example.

"Oh yeah I love the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I have seen it on the road once, I think I have seen it in a museum in Detroit," Judy Heaton said.

"The advertisement and everything else it goes back to the 60's and 70's so it brings back some memories, let's say that," Bill Heaton said.

Upcoming construction closing access to airport

Upcoming construction closing access to airport

The contractor working on the Highway 2/Spokane Airport interchange has adjusted their schedule and issued a revised plan for on and off-ramp closures while workers grind out old pavement and lay a new asphalt surface.

The full closures are limited to single-lane ramp sections where the roadway will be blocked during the work. The most intense work will be scheduled during hours when traffic counts are lowest.

During the following days and hours, single-lane segments of on and off ramps leading to and from Spokane International Airport on Highway 2 and Sunset Highway will be fully closed. Signed detours will direct drivers to and from Spokane International Airport. Drivers should expect slow traffic, congestion and delays on the detour routes. Travelers are urged to allow plenty of extra time to reach their destinations during these periods to avoid missing flight connections.

There will be no work from 5 am Friday, August 29 until 7 pm Tuesday, September 2.


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WSU student planners feature rival school on cover

WSU student planners feature rival school on cover

Students at Washington State University did a double-take when they received their free student planners from The Bookie this week. The cover features a picture of a cougar, the iconic Bryan clock tower and a building that was a little harder to identify.

Down at the very bottom of the cover, with beautiful brick and elegant cherry trees is Savery Hall, a building located at the heart of the campus of WSU's sworn rival – the University of Washington.

Distraught manager Leslie Martin at WSU's bookstore The Bookie says they are aware of the problem and are working with the vendor to come to a solution. The planners are no longer being handed out, but the ones that have been released are not being collected.

There is no word on whether the school will receive a refund or whether a reprint with a corrected cover is in the works. Meanwhile, a photo of the planner is quickly making the rounds online drawing amusement and criticism.

Man struck by lightning inside South Hill home

A South Hill man is lucky to be alive after experiencing what he said was a lightning strike Friday morning.

"There was a flash and I felt something come through my arm and come out my other finger and saw a bright flash of light by the outlet,? Chadron Hazelbaker said.

The 39 year old said he had just woke up and remembered his laptop needed to be charged. Hazelbaker recalls going to the outlet by the master bedroom window and felt the energy go through when he picked up the cord.

"I knew the path that it went through,? He said. ?I could feel that something had gone in a straight line in my body."

Only a mark on his elbow and a break in the vinyl window where he thinks the lightning entered remains from the incident. His wife, Staci was still laying in bed when she witnessed her husband jerk back.

?I actually saw the lightning come out of his finger, which was impressive," Staci said.

Her next action was to go to Facebook and tell her friends about what happened. It wasn't long after that she realized the severity of the incident.