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Residents thank crews for quick work on High Drive fire

People who live along High Drive are counting their blessings less than a day after firefighters made quick work out of a brush fire that could have threatened homes.

Neighbors are very happy that they spent Monday night in their beds and not in a Red Cross shelter, appreciative of the quick work done by crews that are still out on the fire line Tuesday. Firefighters say though that the folks living in the neighborhood certainly did their part to keep their property and families safe.

?I tried saying thank you but I got really choked up,? Maliah Schram said.

Schram felt helpless when she learned about the fire burning just a hundred yards below her home.

?A friend texted me and said the bluff was on fire, so I called my family and they had already evacuated our cats,? she said.

By the time she got home, the neighborhood was chaotic.

?My dad was running around like a madman. He was wet when I hugged him last night," she said.

Her father did what most neighbors were doing, everything they could to help fire crews, taking hoses and sprinklers to water their properties and the bank below.

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Working 4 you: Just how good for you is running?

Working 4 you: Just how good for you is running?

Good news for runners.

A new study shows the benefits of running for your health, but this study says it doesn't matter if you're a 15-minute miler, or an elite marathoner. The benefits are still the same.

According to the study running, even for a few minutes a day, can reduce your risk of death from heart disease compared to those who don't run at all. That study was published this week in the journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Researchers studied some 55,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 100 over a 15 year period. They noted their overall health, if they ran and how long they lived.

Compared to non-runners, investigators found those who ran had a 30% lower risk of death from all causes, and a 45% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

In fact, runners on average lived three years longer compared to those who did not hit the pavement.

When data was broken down by age, sex, body mass index, smoking and alcohol use, the benefits were still the same. And the speed at which runners ran made little difference.

Fire crews knock down High Drive brush fire

Thirty acres burned Monday afternoon off High Drive and Sky View above Qualchan Golf Course.

Mark Anderson lives just above the bluff that was covered in smoke and flame.

"I came home and I was talking with my wife and she turned around and looks out the window and says, smoke," said Anderson.

He immediately turned on the sprinklers while friends and neighbors joined firefighters with hoses, spraying everything from the yard to the roof.

"These guys were here on spot. You could hear the sirens as soon as we got through and hear sirens down the highway," said Anderson.

Crews had help from the air as well. The Deer Park "Fire Boss" airplane was dispatched to spray retardant on critical areas, including the line between the blaze and the homes above. The plane drops 800 gallons on each pass with remarkable accuracy.

"The air support has been working incredibly well for us," says Spokane Fire Chief Bobby Williams.

By 7 p.m. Monday evening, crews had the fire under control and no homes we're damaged.

Could last week's storm lower your taxes?

Could last week's storm lower your taxes?

If your property took a big hit during last week's storm, did you know your federal taxes could be impacted?

The Spokane County Assessor's Office is responsible for administering a state program for property that has been destroyed by natural disasters called “Taxpayer’s Claim for Reduction of Assessments resulting from Destroyed Real or Personal Property or Loss of Value in a Declared Disaster Area.”

Qualifying property owners will receive an adjustment to the taxes due for 2014, depending on the value of the remaining property. If the property is a total loss, then abatement (tax reduction or exemption) will be done for the remainder of the year.

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Avista thanks customers, employees for patience and hard work after storm

Avista thanks customers, employees for patience and hard work after storm

Avista released a big thank-you today to all their customers impacted by last Wednesday's wind storm for their patience during repairs, and to their crews for working non-stop to get everyone back online.

Avista says last week's storm caused the worst damage to their system since a massive ice storm in 1996, nearly 20 years ago. This time around it took nearly 96 hours to restore power to the nearly 40,000 customers left without.

Now that all the power is back on, Avista is getting a better look at the damage. Preliminary numbers show that more than 120 poles had to be replaced after high winds toppled trees onto power lines and snapped poles. That's double their initial estimate.

Dispatchers worked around the clock to prioritize work and dispatch crews to areas of highest need, organizing nearly 14,000 outage reports from customers.

Fundraiser for young girl with rare leukemia

Fundraiser for young girl with rare leukemia

The family of an 8-year-old Spokane girl diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia is asking for your help.

Bella Carvalho was diagnosed with blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) in June, a rare and aggressive blood disease that can cause, along with many other things, painful lesions on her skin. BPDCN is also a disease most commonly found in elderly men, not little girls.

From her GoFundMe Page:

Major Crimes investigating South Hill shooting

Major Crimes investigating South Hill shooting

Major Crimes Detectives are investigating a shooting that took place on the South Hill Friday night.
Randy Watts was brushing his teeth around 11:30 p.m. when he heard arguing.
"And then all of a sudden 'crack, crack' I heard two what I recognized as gun shots and I instantly called 9-11," said Watts.
Watts said a man was prowling outside of a home when a resident confronted him.
"There was a considerable amount of yelling back and forth before I heard the shot fired," said Watts.
Watts saw his elderly neighbors frantically trying to piece together what had happened.
"The guy was hit and he took off on foot and they found him down the street," said Watts.
It is not known how many times he was struck, but the injuries were not life threatening.
"I have heard that there have been some unfavorable people wondering around in the neighborhood, one guy in particular, but we don't know if that's him or not," said Watts.
Watts said he and his neighbors are freaked out by the incident. He will be locking his doors and keeping an extra eye out.
"This is a reminder that it can happen any where anytime. You let your guard down and that's when bad things happen," said Watts.