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Spokane students learning importance of giving back to community

Spokane Public Schools are participating in different volunteer activities all week long in honor of Spokane Gives Week, with district leaders showing the importance of students giving back to the community.

"We have a variety of schools doing special projects this week," said Spokane Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger.

On Wednesday Redinger presented Spokane Mayor David Condon with a time sheet which listed 79,904 hours of community service completed by Spokane Public Schools�from last September to this March..

"It is exciting to see what these kids are doing for our community and early on putting into their mentality the idea of giving back to our community," Condon said.

The district hopes to reach 100,000 hours by the end of the week. Several schools, like Hamblen Elementary,�have teamed up with Spokane�Ponderosa to plant trees�on school grounds as a way of giving back to the community. On Wednesday Hamblen Elementary planted roughly 150 trees.

Hamblen students brave rain to plant pondersosas

Hamblen students brave rain to plant pondersosas

Kindergarten students at Hamblen Elementary School braved the rain on Wednesday to dig in the dirt. Three classes and their parents spent the morning working with Spokane Ponderosa planting pine tree seedlings on the school grounds.

“These children are our stewards of the land tomorrow,” explained Patrish Brady of Spokane Ponderosa, a non-profit that focuses Ponderosa Pine education and preservation.  “These trees will all be taller than they are when they reach sixth grade. Isn’t that something?”

Libraries will trade food for your fine

Libraries will trade food for your fine

Your overdue books could help feed hungry Spokane area families.

This is National Library Week, and in celebrations, Spokane County Library District is holding the 2nd annual Food for Fines event.

For every non-perishable item of food, the district will forgive $1.00 of your fine, up to a maximum of $10.00 per library card. Fees eligible for the program include accumulated overdue charges and fees for damaged items (unless the account is already in collections).

Spokane running group headed to Boston

Spokane running group headed to Boston

The comfort of the soft track at Hart field helped a women's running team wind down Tuesday night. The Spokane Swifts were on a 'rest week schedule.' The women only ran six miles, because next week they'll run 26.2 through Boston.

"What happened there last year, it's just like, runners tend to be fighters and it brought us closer together," Heather LeFriec said.

LeFriec and 17 other members of the team will run the Boston Marathon next week. She says the preparation this week, has been emotional.

"Because I just can't imagine what it would have been like to be there last year and it's hard not to get choked up," she said.

Lisa Sunderman is one of the few women running Monday, who also ran it last year.

"It's something that takes a while to get over, to get through," Sunderman said.

She finished before the bombings last year, and was in her hotel room when they went off. She says they were put on lockdown at the hotel in the hours after. This time, she's looking forward to actually enjoying the experience.

U-Help program offers another Spokane Gives opportunity

U-Help program offers another Spokane Gives opportunity

Spokane is working towards becoming a more compassionate community through Spokane Gives Week, but if you don’t have time to volunteer there are other ways you can be involved. One way is by making a donation to the City’s U Help program.

U Help provides one-time emergency assistance to low-income households to help pay their city utility bills. The Salvation Army runs the program free of charge which means every dollar of every donation goes directly to people in need.

Spokane Police add five officers to ranks

Spokane Police add five officers to ranks

Five new recruits to the Spokane Police Department graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Burien on Tuesday.

Chris LeQuire, Jordan Brown, Corrigan Mohondro, Brandon Fabian and Brandon Lynch will return to Spokane for three weeks of SPD specific training. The new officers will start serving the community at the end of April.

Child injured in 50 foot fall off Liberty Park cliff

A six-year-old boy survived a terrible spill Monday afternoon after he fell off a 50 foot cliff in Liberty Park.

The boy possibly suffered a broken arm and was a bit shaken up after the fall. His dad said they were walking along when his son got a bit ahead of him, slipped off the side and tumbled down the cliff face.

He was transported by paramedics to Sacred Heart Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and should be okay.